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Denver Telecom - best price so far

Contract Employee


Denver and Colorado Springs




It will depend on what has to offer. Could be daily/production/hourly


You have to understand what you’re doing, and the best way to do it. Preferable, If you already have your own equipment

Other Requirements

Looking for trustable personnel to expand to the area. We are negotiable

Job Description

Long term project in Colorado to put you in the map, pays well and always on time.
It’s a new construction, so we are going to find a lot of strand to be put up and fiber to be lashed ($0.69 strand and fiber with extras, diesel and equipment is on us, but not food and habitation).
Splicers, good splicing points that will worth your time. (Single fusion 1-4 $11.40/289-432 $7.63/ equipment and fuel is on us, but not food and habitation)

Management personnel, its a big city lots of things to do, make sure everything fits in our standards and safety guide, specially OSHA requirements. (Daily/hourly/production/commission)
We are here to make money and come back to our families, there’s always a faster and better way to do it!

Unfortunately we do I9 verification.


Text or WhatsApp 239 247 4304

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