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Field Engineers for Mapping As Builds

Independent Contractor


20 Small towns all connected


Two weeks.


Payment per mile Aerial, Underground, and or extensions to system.


3 Years Cable Mapping Experience. This is a full as build on base maps with streets and addresses on them for field work. Laser Tech or equivalent range finder, UG locator ( small amount ) for underground plant

Other Requirements

Clean Vehicle, laser range finder - LaserTech or equivalent. Measuring wheel and locator if needed for any underground mapping. 3 Past references of completed as build work in the last 3 years. We supply company magnetic signs with our contact number on them. General liability and Work Comp insurance required.

Job Description

Performing As Builds of small towns - 20 of them all in same area with fiber ties between them. Total mileage approximately 175 miles.
Work will be done on base maps with known addresses on base. All strand, cable, fiber, passives, and actives to be recorded.
I will send a Google KMZ of the areas to review.


Chris Kramer

Call 314-220-6075 to discuss.


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About Us

Spectrum Planning, Inc., now going on 23 + years of engineering services to the Cable and Fiber Broadband Industry. We have over 180 years of mapping experience in house.

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