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Full-time Employee


Location will be assigned in Alaska contingent upon a job offer has been made.


The start date will be approximately February 15th, 2023. We already have techs working on current contract(s). An exact start date, and other details will be discussed once a candidate is selected.


Pay for all positions are W2- hourly/OT & D.O.E. , plus Per Diem seven days a week, housing provided. $1,000.00 sign on bonus after 1000 hours are worked. End of year bonus, based upon many factors, but is generally between $500.00-$3,000.00.


We are looking to fill two positions at this time, 1 Journeyman(4 years experience or greater, and certs/schooling (preferred), and one greenhorn(no experience/no certs) or apprentice(l-4 year experience with certs/schooling.) Certs=pre-apprentice lineman school or fiber classes-such as light brigade. Installing fiber drops aerial/u.g.,splicing drops to main line, splice fiber nids, run inside fiber, run cat 5, cut over to fiber. Paperwork, timesheets, prints, records, other duties as assigned.

Other Requirements

Candidate may have to submit to company drug & alcohol policies including pre-employment testing. Selected candidates may have to pass the following: background check, up to & including criminal, dmv, and financial. Must be a US Citizen. No Felons. Candidate to complete company knowledge test, interview, submit resume with references. Complete company paperwork, IN-9, company policies, job offer, etc.

Job Description

FTTH install/cutover duties may include the following specific duties, and may include other duties as well, or may change over time.

Install aerial/u.g. fiber drops from pole/ped to house, prepping drops at the clamshell, prepping inside fiber cable/inside wire, install gigacenters/ont's, prepping/splicing 250/125 fiber, install faceplates, install Cat5/6 to back feed pots lines, install 101B's, tagging and toning customer iw's, labeling telco/customer equipment, take power readings, send red lights, read and interpret otdr readings, rewire punch down blocks, remove copper inside wire/jacks, remove aerial/underground copper drops, run fiber jumpers in pon/cross-connects, document installs/cutover, complete time sheets and other company paperwork, work with local telecom employees, stock vehicle with materials, clean vehicles/equipment, paperwork, time sheets, cut over sheets, prints, etc.
Selected candidate(s) will be initially placed with a Sr. Technician/Working Foreman for a short duration, 1-10 days DOE, or may continue to work with for duration of contract. If it is determined a candidate is not able to perform to the desired proficiency needed by either the company or client, the employee will be released of his/her duty with this company.

We are currently working 6-10's(six days a week, 10 hours days).

An employee will work 4-8 weeks on shift(working in Alaska) and up to 2 or 3 weeks off shift(personal time off). We have to maintain a 3 man crew, and so we rotate bodies. We try to remain flexible if an employee needs more time off, less time off, etc. In the end though, we have to maintain a full 3 man crew as needed by clients.

This has been the Norm for the past. The days/hours worked is always subject to change depending upon clients need, and not guaranteed, and may change through time, or projects at clients request.


Please send resume with references or inquiries to .
Selected candidate(s) will be contacted by email, to set appointment for over the phone interview & knowledge test, and to complete and sign authorization forms for background searches of selected candidates.

You may also call me at 208-315-0980.
Thanks for your interest in these positions.
Riley Wilkins
Cascade Communications LLC
Cascade, Idaho

About Us

We have been in business since 2011. We have completed work for multiple clients in Alaska, Washington, Idaho, and North Dakota. We are tooled, and have knowledgeable employees to complete copper splicing, fiber splicing, copper/fiber I&R, ftth projects, ug construction, aerial construction, built remotes/C.O.'s, consulting & inspecting services, engineering, design build, material request contracts/rfp's/projects. We are always looking to grow our company, and are looking for quality candidates. We are a small company, that functions like an" ole mom and pop .", because that's what we are. We currently have four clients, that have an abundant amount of work in Idaho & Alaska, and we are already scheduled full for 2023, 2024. We also have another half dozen requests from past clients, and new perspective clients with very large projects. We cannot however take on anymore projects without securing more employees.

We do offer an extremely generous hourly rate, with OT, and per diem. If the location, the work, or the time on/off looks intriguing to you, please apply, and send in a resume with references, and we will be happy at that time to discuss pay rates, per diem, etc.

Thank-you for your time, be safe, and Happy New Year!

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