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Cable Maintenance Techs *$5,000 Sign on Bonus*

Full-time Employee



Upon application completion


$39/hr plus $64 per day per diem *$5,000 Sign on Bonus*


Fully qualified Cable Maintenance Technicians

Job Description

Wise Connect, Inc. is seeking a Cable Maintenance Technician in Utah: Cedar City, Provo

*$5,000 Sign on Bonus*

• Maintains/repairs and tests copper cable and/or fiber optic cable in an underground, aerial, or buried environment.
• Maintains, expand, replace and repair all plant facilities and subscriber apparatus required to provide service to customers.
• Troubleshoots problems that will require cable repair, cable maintenance, air pressure, splicing, faultfinding, etc.
• Makes splicing rearrangements on existing facilities in buried, underground, aerial and building work locations. Uses heavy-duty power equipment (e.g., compressors, pumps, blowers), hand tools, Performs testing and turn-up of subscriber lines, carrier plant, and/or fiber optic plant.
• Locates and repairs air leaks in aerial, underground, and/or buried cable.
• Locates, joins, repairs and rearranges cable and cable conductors in buildings and aerial or buried plant.
• Initiates or performs cable cuts, transfer projects, and/or load balance cuts, and issues necessary cuts to prevent blocking.
• Installs, maintains/repairs, and tests residential/small business telecommunication service (POTS and DSL).
• Connects wires and cables to terminals, and attaches/detaches various kinds of hardware to wires, cables, buildings, and poles.
• Performs continuity and/or conformance testing.
• Reads and interprets customer service orders, technical (i.e., mechanical, electrical, digital) drawings, maps, blueprints, diagrams, etc.
• Receives service orders, worksheets (detailed diagrams describing the nature and location of equipment to be installed or repaired), and repair tickets from supervisor or other designated employe Works with telecom color-coded wires and cables.

• Must possess a valid driver’s license.
• Must have basic AC/DC knowledge.
• Must have basic knowledge of subscriber carrier.
• Must be knowledgeable in the efficient operation of test equipment used to verify cable faults.
• Must have a basic ability to read cable plats and schematics.
• Must know the telephone industry-standard color code and have the ability to splice aerial, buried and underground cable. Must have the physical ability to climb utility poles using pole climbers.
• Minimum of three (3) years of experience as a plant technician.
• Must be able to work outside in all weather conditions.
• Must pass background check and drug test

Paid Weekly!
Paid Vacation!
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Please contact Dee Dee at 702-850-2352

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