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Fiber and Normal Resi Techs needed ASAP! PER Diem!

Independent Contractor






Very Competitive Rates! Highest in market! Call, Txt, or Email for rates.

Other Requirements

Must have your own Truck, Van, or SUV, Some tools can be provided if needed, Ladder can be provided if needed. Meter will be provided to all techs that don't have one.

Job Description

Company: King's Hart Communications
This is a full time market with work year around. Plenty of work for everyone! Techs that work for us have the option of picking up extra work outside of COX as well if wanted. A Valid driver's license is required for this position. All candidate's must be required to pass a criminal background check. (No Violent, Theft Felonies) All candidate's will be required to pass Initial and Annual drug screens which include Marijuana. Work is exploding in this market and is very easy market to work in. We offer direct deposit and perks for good metrics. Plenty of room for advancement as well! We have FTTH, Home security, Automation, and normal RF routes for COX. Per Diem is available for all travel techs!


Nicolas King
702-449-6744 (Call or Txt) (Follow us on any of our socials!)

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