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Splicers needed in Central IL - Node & Amp Swap

Independent Contractor


Springfield and Peoria IL at this time


underway now


production - call for details


must have 3+ years of experience splicing solo. Experience working with OM6000 housings for RPD Nodes. All actives will be swapped by the node.

Other Requirements

Need bucket and meter, all hand tools, coring tools etc. YOU NEED YOUR OWN TRUCK. We would prefer to work with someone that is properly equipped and ready to work. Standard Comcast background check and drug screen required prior to work. MUST carry WC and GL insurance.

Job Description

The work we're looking for assistance with is: Tier 2 Node Split work. Splicing nodes and swapping all actives in each node.

We're looking for someone that is capable and willing to help with day and night work (SWAPS are ALL day work), regular BAU and Tier 2 node splits, starting and closing interruption tickets as well as general splicing.

We are looking primarily for assistance with amp swaps and cutting over nodes that have been pre-fired. Once cut in the amp swaps are full speed ahead. Also looking for fiber splicers to assist with day to day work as well as splicing for new Nodes.

Must be able to read and understand prints and troubleshoot when need be. This is production splicing, not service work. It is critical to communicate well and keep a clear dialogue between parties. Anyone that has participated in these projects understands it's a team effort. Aerial and UG work, street side and rear easement.

Interested in teams or companies with multiple splicers available. Dependability is everything. We are working to put together a team to cover all the work for Central Illinois. Peoria/Bloomington/Springfield etc.

Call for details.


Prairie Telecom Services - call for details 217-522-8575

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