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Coax Splicing Supervisior

Full-time Employee

DC (Washington)

Matro DC





$45 per hour


Must have extensive coax experience. There should be NOTHING coax related that the candidate cant do. Must be able to troubleshoot any coax plant issue.

Other Requirements

Experience with the following tools & equipment. XM Meter, TDR's, cable locators, rphy scanner, watch tower & scout.

Job Description

Candidate will supervise a crew of 2-4 splicers on a node split and amp swap project. Must have extensive experience with both Splicing and Troubleshoot of Coax Plant.

Tasks required from supervisor
-Create daily lineout of amp locations the splicers
-Call XOC to push NDS, start & stop interruptions
-Verify proper provisioning of Node
-Identify any discrepancies in the field that don't match design and make changes on the fly
-Utilize tools to verify plant is back up
-Quickly troubleshoot and resolve plant issues
-Train lesser experienced splicers
-Will need to splice Amps & Nodes when needed

-Company take home vehicle with fuel card
-Guaranteed 40 hours with plenty of overtime.
-ALL drive time is paid.
-Availability to purchase into company health insurance
-Yearly boot and clothing allowance
-All tools and equipment are provided
-3 weeks of vacation per year
-Yearly Christmas bonus



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