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Fiber to the Home install techs and Drop Techs

Independent Contractor


Southern CT along the water


Sept 19th start date


Drops $150, Installs $100 -


You must have the equipment to do the job so for Drop techs only, you must have your truck all your safety gear, Lanyard, Harness, Hard hat, Climbing boots, Cones, Voltage detector, All hand tools, 28foot ladder, fiber light meter ( $50 on amazon) ... For installers if your opting out of Drops you need all the house gear, House ladder, app PPE, hand tools light meter etc....

Other Requirements

Must have Coax experience 2 years exp - can provide fiber training for Coax techs -

Job Description

There are two parts to this offer, there is a Fiber Drop hanging portion at $150 per drop expected to complete 8-10 a day as per in-house crews. Typically a bucket truck would be the easiest way to get the most volume and or a two man crew. Average drop is reported to be 350 feet. There is long term drop work in the area - Sub groups welcome.

There is the Fiber to the home install portion, were the drop is already complete you must run the fiber into the home, connect the modem/wifi unit and ensure connection to a device. This is quick and easy work and is a good opportunity for some solid long term work.



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