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Directional Drill Bore Crews and Missile Crews

Full-time Employee


Kansas City


As soon as contracts are executed, and all criteria is met.


FULL RATE CARD for all items


Experienced underground sub-contractor with a proven track record familiar with BOTH CABLE TV COAX AND FIBER and TELEPHONE FIBER BACKBONE. Must be able to read and understand BOTH cable tv and fiber prints

Other Requirements

Must have own equipment and all the support equipment to successfully complete boring assignments. Must have all required insurances per contract regulations.

Job Description

BORE, PLACE 1/14", 2" AND/OR 3" PIPE. CABLE/FIBER PULLING, PEDESTAL AND VAULT PLACEMENT. Work in both Commercial and residential work environments.

CAT5's work is long term work. Work is direct award; therefore, we have a steady year-round workload.


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