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Subs looking for admin/clerical help to include PM

Contractor: Corp-to-Corp



We are currently taking on new clientele to start ASAP


To be discussed for required scope of work

Job Description

Providing any clerical/PM telecom needs to sub and prime contractors


ATTN All Construction Sub-Contractors:

CommCoast is now taking on new clientele to assist sub-contractors with clerical and Project Management needs. With almost 30 years of construction and engineering experience CommCoast provides the following services below and is exceptionally familiar with the industry's special ask required to submit an invoice, track, or manage a project.

o Digitizing Asbuilts

o Send/Scan photos of handwritten asbuilt to be digitized to PDF for clean customer delivery

o Invoice Creations

o Combine billable units to company letter head of your company invoice to be delivered back ready to submit to your customer

o Data entry

o Track receivables and retainage

o Project Audits

o Update master print (wall map) to confirm all units have been invoiced and completed

o Margin analysis at job/project level

o Tracker Creation

o BOM Tracking

We understand the difficulties of trying to complete the job in the field just to get back to the desk or room after a long day to start the paperwork process.

Please feel free to reach out for a free consultation and discussion as we hope to take care of your business needs.

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About Us

CommCoast is a fair and honest company that is looking to expand its repetitive long-term clients in providing any Backoffice services from asbuilts & invoicing to project management services. If you are having trouble finding experienced help on short or long term projects please consider reaching out for a free consultation.

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