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Pole Data Collection/ Field Data Collector

Independent Contractor






Base Salary 18 dollars per pole depending on experience and rate of speed jobs/contracts can be completed. Milage paid on reliable/dependable work vehicles.


Proficient in using various web and phone-based applications (Google Maps, MS Office, MS Teams, etc,..) to communicate, get work assignments, find locations, enter information, capture photographs, populate time sheets, and expense-related information. Two-Man Crews are REQUIRED. Must have a strong work ethic with attention to detail. Must be a self-starter with integrity and confidence who strives to achieve in even the most challenging environments with limited supervision.

Other Requirements

Two-man crews are required. Working outdoors in all types of weather and have the desire to actively participate in physically demanding work lifting 15 to 20lbs. on a regular basis. Must maintain a high level of professionalism acting as a representative of TESCO Company Inc., our customers, and network owners. Ability to see clearly at short and long distances in a variety of lighting conditions. Required prior experience in telecommunications or the electrical industry.

Job Description

TESCO Company is a growing company with tremendous opportunities in the extremely reliable, ever-expanding, and essential multi-billion-dollar Telecommunication industry. Two-man crews are required!
TESCO Company Inc., is looking for knowledgeable, highly motivated, and resourceful Field Data Collection Technicians to join our ever-expanding sub-contracting field crew department. This position requires knowledge of the telecommunication utility industry.
The ideal candidates need a partner and can expect to work in pairs of two or in very small teams traveling throughout most of Indiana and Kentucky with responsibility for collecting detailed technical information about the electric utility and telecommunication facilities and equipment. Various sub-contracts may be further away from Indiana and Kentucky but, will be mostly in the mid-west. This outdoor position requires hiking between utility poles, pedestals, and vaults to capture measurements, pictures, and other data that supports OSPE (Outside Plant Engineering) telecommunications-related projects.


• Obtain work assignments, understand scope requirements, and travel to applicable work locations
• Using provided tools, accurately collect required data and photographs per required scope
• Operate and maintain issued equipment such as tablet computers, digital cameras, measuring tools, and Personal Protective Equipment
• Provide accurate, legible, and complete information, before the required due dates
• Communicate effectively and on a daily basis with the management and other team members
• Work safely and independent of supervision
• Ability to see clearly at short and long distances in a variety of lighting conditions

Further Requirements:

• Required, Prior experience in Telecommunications or Electrical industry. While familiarity in KATAPULT Data Collection Systems and
knowledge in Cable Tracing is a plus
• Team player with well-developed interpersonal skills who is comfortable in a cross-functional, multi-cultural environment

Education and Experience:

• High school diploma or equivalent (military or technical school is a plus)
• Must be 21 or older and have a reliable work vehicle


Contact Lindsey Stephens HR and Marketing Manager for TESCO Company Inc. Please send your business and contact information with previous work experience to . ******Sub-contractors we are still in need*******.

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About Us

TESCO Company is an Engineering company offering a wide range of make-ready/ joint-use solutions to any and all utility companies in need. TESCO recognizes the importance of internal and external organization and planning for both the pole owner and third-party applicants. We understand the need for engineers to oversee all surveying and remedied solutions due to the complexities that are associated with how the final user will apply these recommendations. At TESCO Company we realize that the NESC regulations/codes can be easily overlooked due to multiple rebuilds and build-outs all happening within the same contract; we would like to be your insurance against weakened infrastructures causing black-out, and shortages due to non-compliance resulting in very high liability cost. We pride ourselves on immaculate systematic analysis, designed to meet your company's needs quickly, efficiently, and effectively within your company's budget. Here at TESCO our team of calculators, technicians, and engineers have 200+ years of experience in utility coordination, NESC structural and compliance standards, and excellent management solutions to augment your existing staff. Let our amazing team of experts sharpen your quality of services and ensure your customer's excellence. Visit or for further information.

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