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Atlanta, GA - Missle Crews - Long Term Contract

Independent Contractor


Atlanta, Georgia


Week of 6/27/2022. However we have work to locate and start next 8-12 months, minimum.


Pay is a composite rate per foot, Footage pay rate is lower due to large volume contract work. We're only looking for long term crews, looking for 1-2 years of guaranteed work. Pay is paid the following Friday of work completed.


Please have experience in pulling fiber, missle and bore work in residential neighborhoods.

Other Requirements

Prefer crews who have missiled and pulled fiber in residential neighborhoods. Prefer owners with crews who've worked on large volume work at lower rate and guaranteed work for 1-2 years. Must have trucks, generators, missles, 6-8 man crew minimum per subdivisions.

Job Description

Our company has work for the next 1-2 years, missling and pulling fiber in residential neighborhoods in Metro Atlanta. We'll have a supervisor on-site who will provide your crews with the materials, gravel and advise the crews as needed. We'll perform all the locates and have the next job waiting for you. We currently need crew owners who want consistent local work in the Metro Atlanta market area.

Below is an outline of what we need, and expectations:
-Need a minimum of 6-8 man crews with truck, generator, missle and tools to install fiber in residential neighborhoods.
-We need long term partnerships only, this is not a one time job, this is 1-2 years of work and we need guaranteed crews each week. Our best crews stick with us for years. These owners scale up more crews and have little to no downtime and make money based on volume or work.
-Our crews average feet per day, pay is the week after on Friday of work performed.
-We expect our crews to be reliable & do good work. In return we guarantee to keep crews our crews busy and keep the next job ready from week to week. Relationships and Communication is important to us.

If you're searching for the best per foot price, we don't contract work that way. That is how our Subs and company stays busy and we have slowly built our company around affordable pricing and guaranteed work.

If you've any questions please email, text or call


Benjamin Stanley, Owner
United Utility


Benjamin Stanley, Owner
United Utility 404-710.2788

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About Us

United Utility Contractors LLC is underground utility company who specializes in keeping subcontractors working year round in the new fiber install business. How do we do that? We contract with the largest telecommunications companies, in return they provide guaranteed work for years. We've found out that, although the pay per foot is less than large one off projects, the volume of footage and guaranteed work ends up working out better for when you consistently keep all your crews working for months and years on end.

We appreciate your time,


Benjamin Stanley, Owner
United Utility Contractors LLC 404-710-2788

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