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FTTH Install and Repair Techs Needed Dallas

Independent Contractor


Dallas and Ft Worth Tx


Once badged and Certified, Truck inspected


Pay per job, Flat Rate.


Must be an experienced Cable Technician for Residential installations. INSIDE WORK ONLY NO OUTSIDE LADDER WORK. INSTALLING MODEM ONLY INSIDE RESIDENTIAL HOMES

Other Requirements

Must have Personal Truck and Tools to do the job.

Job Description

You will be doing residential, one fiber outlet to the home, Modem installs. These are the easiest installs you will ever do. We are looking for quality techs that take pride in their work and put every customer first.


Elvia Rivera


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About Us

Allwire Is the ONLY solution needed when it comes to your wireless, OSP and I/R needs. We are one of the few turn key companies that gives their customer one throat to choke when it comes to any project. A true leader in the Telcom Industry. AllWire offers crews and manpower for Fiber / Coax Placement, Pulling, Splicing as well as L&A, Design, Civil and erecting of Cell Towers and Small Cell builds, PIM Testing, Hunting Hygiene and Maintenance, Site Master Sweep and Node Certification, FTTH and Coax Installations and Repair, Commercial Wireless Design. We also have access to hundreds of crews for storms, emergencies and disaster relief and rebuilding. As the Telcom Industry continues to surge, Our teams continue to create innovative and cost saving strategies for clients in whatever marketplace where we provide services. We continue to exceed client expectations by driving down costs, effective communication and ensuring our crews work in a healthy and safe environment. What makes AllWire unique in the industry is our ability to adjust, move quickly and relieve any heartburn our customer has. We 100% put our customers needs and requests first and never turn down any task regardless of how big or small. AllWire is a proud member of NATE and proudly part of the NATE Star Initiative. We are also proud to have all Telecom crews trained, tested and certified by Safety LMS and their 120 hour certification course.

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