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Low Voltage Shelving displays (Cigarette Racks)

Independent Contractor


North and South regions




Piece-Rate per job


No experience is needed, will need about 2-3 weeks of training to learn the processes. If you're good with your hands and mechanically inclined and don't mind traveling or working alone this is a great opportunity to make some serious money.

Other Requirements

Primary Tools Required: Drill, Impact driver, screwdrivers, 7/16 wrench, 5/16 bit for impact wood holes, 7/16 bit for impact bolts, Tin Snips, scissors. Additional Tools needed at times: Sawzall, razor knife, hammer drill, pry bar, and hammer.

Job Description

Install, organize, upgrade, and repair cigarette rack shelving displays in gas stations across the nation. It's a contract-based position and jobs/work orders are store to store. The routes are broken down into zones within a particular region.

My full-time guys are 100% travel and go where the money is, but I'm also looking to fill a few specific areas as our season is just now starting.

I'm currently looking for installers in Florida. $1000 to $5000 gross a week.

Primary expenses are hotel and fuel costs as the materials are provided.

Need a truck and a trailer or have the ability to rent a box truck when needed.


If you're interested please contact Matt @ 205-999-8091 or email

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About Us

Subcontract fulfillment firm with both cable installations and cigarette rack displays.

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