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Operational Manager

Independent Contractor



Up To You


90k UP


Low Voltage Field Experience - CAT I and/or NICET II - Multi Tasker - Must be able to Manage Customers as well as Field Techs.

Other Requirements

Truck - Tools

Job Description

Open a New Territory. We are in 7 States and wish to expand into MS. Applicant "shall" be qualified.


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About Us

We were formed in 1991. The main goal was to bring License Holders / Certified Techs, such as NICET, together. We chase the work, we chase the money, you do the job - you get paid. "Notice the PERIOD behind that sentence". We have folks that have been with us well over 20 Years. No License, No Certification? We'll help you get them and we'll give you a raise when you do. In our Company the only thing standing between you and success is YOU!

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