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Data Technician (Entry Level and Experienced) 1099

Independent Contractor


Primarily within a 60 mile radius of Indianapolis.


May 2022


$30.00 an hour.


We are looking for contractor technicians. Applicant with data , cable , satellite , phone installation or related field experience a plus. However, we provide valuable on the job training in many areas of the telecommunications field. Must carry your own liability insurance (Commercial Liability (occur) $1,000,000 , Auto Liability $1,000,000 ,Workman's Comp $1,000,000); agree to a background check and random drug testing. Also required is a clean, professional appearance. $30.00 an hour.

Other Requirements

You will be required to have personal hand tools, a 6 foot, 8 foot , 10 foot and 12 foot ladder or Little Giant Ladder and reliable vehicle .

Job Description

Data installation, to include but not limited to installation of:
* CCTV cabling and equipment
* POS cabling and equipment
* WiFi installation
*Loss Prevention Device cabling and equipment
*Digital Signage


Mary Ross

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About Us

We offer jobs to our 1099 technicians – which they choose to accept or decline at the time of the offer. Travel pay is offered on a job by job basis. Most jobs are $30.00 an hour . We also offer piece rate and bid rate jobs. Rates are offered at the time the job is offered. We have been in business over 14 years. A quick snapshot of our company:
• Due to the high quality of technicians we use, we are top rated with all of our clients.
• The majority of our work is in national chains such as Walmart, Target, McDonalds etc.
• We operate under two names: Vertek and Fulgent.
• Vertek work is usually work for the national chains mentioned above.
• Fulgent work is usually local companies etc.

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