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Part-time Employee

South Dakota

Sioux Falls




Salaried position DOQ


Retired or semi retired Communications lineman

Other Requirements

Valid Drivers license. No drug users. No drunks.

Job Description

You will be mentoring young linemen right out of line school that know how to climb and have their own tools. Teaching them how to safely strand and lash in an easement environment. You will be the on site instructor. No climbing, pulling cables or lashers. Your job is to convey your knowledge, that you have learned over the years, to the next generation of linemen. How to J hook and raise, use of layup sticks, tossing ropes accurately, stranding and lashing through trees, when and when not to trim trees, swapping the lasher, tricks to speed up the operation, delash/relash, etc.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is retired or semi-retired and wants to be back in the field with energetic young linemen. The best part is you don't have to beat up you body anymore with the physically work.


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