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Aerial Construction Crew- Top Tier Rates!

Independent Contractor






We offer top tier rates - Hotel Paid. We are currently paying for hotel rooms for all splicers. If we have any down time due to design issues in the field or bad equipment then I am paying for that down time. There is work every single day all week


All necessary tools for cold splicing and activation, experience with ug and aerial and balancing active devices.

Other Requirements


Job Description

The project consists of the following:

Placing new node (aerial and/or UG)
Splicing new fiber case to old case
Optimize new node in preparation for coax cutover
After cutover we then start splicing each leg of node
Tier 2 nodes: replacing each active (and any passives attached to active)
Tier 1 nodes: replacing all actives and passives
Balance each active after you splice
Tier 1 and 2 is a mixture of Aerial and UG
Out cut window is from 6am and must be finished splicing and balanced by 2:30pm, once this time frame is met and we have fixed any outages then comcast will give us thumbs up or down to continue splicing for another 1 or so but we can’t go past 4:30pm and our TSI must be closed by that time.



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