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Telecom Project Manager

Full-time Employee


Pueblo, Grand Junction




70,000.00 to 95,000.00 per year plus other company benefits and perks.


Must have prior telecom project management experience

Job Description

Project Manager

Company Description

Atlantic Engineering Group is a privately-held telecommunications engineering and construction company that specializes in FTTH and Smart Grid deployments. Our corporate office is in Buford, GA., with project offices throughout the country at each of its individual job sites. This position is for our Grand Junction, CO and our Pueblo, CO project. See for more information about AEG and our current projects.

Position Description

This is a high profile and critical position with the Atlantic Engineering Group that requires that the following specific activities below to be performed with attention detail. A successfully completed project is one where client expectations are set early, met throughout the duration of the project, work is performed on-time, within our client’s and AEG’s budgets with minimum quality issues and no safety related loss time. The AEG’s Project Manager is responsible for successfully completing their assigned project.

Basic job responsibilities include:


AEG-Client relationship.
Professionally carrying out AEG’s core values and their expression to our client.
Understanding our client’s project mission and communicating the mission to all involved parties.
Establish and manage our client’s expectations.

Identify, assess, report and manage project risk factors.
Ensure that all Project Contracts, Change Orders, Specifications, Selections Sheets, Addenda and other Project related Documents are complete, presented to the client, understood by the client and signed by the client.
Manage all ongoing work within the scope of the signed contract documents and obtain proper contract revisions for additional work.

Prepare and manage subcontractor schedules
Monitor and expedite vendor schedules
Review invoices, cost code and approve for payment
Overall subcontractor and vendor management for the project

Price, present, process, document and track all change orders (clients) and change authorizations (subs).

Within 5 days of assignment to the project, read all contract documents including, but not limited to, Project Scope of Work/Program, Conditions and Qualifications, Schedule of Values, Addenda, etc.

Provide value engineering input on designs and construction costs.

Review detailed project budget that identifies areas of potential risk and recommend appropriate contingencies to ensure a profitable financial outcome.
Understand current costs of the work and accurate projections on future costs to complete the work. This understanding must be clearly documented and readily communicable to all parties associated with the project who need this information to perform effectively.
Identify and develop cost containment and cost savings measures that increase profitability and reduce, eliminate or compensate for potential project losses. These measures must be consistent with our Core Values and mission and must not diminish our standards of performance or the quality of our work.
Conduct monthly cost-to-complete meetings with the COO on each of his/her projects and provide the CEO with updated project financial information and project status in a timely manner.
Provide the Billing Department timely and accurate information for invoice preparation and presentation/mailing to the client to ensure we maintained a positive billing and collection status on all projects.
Communicate with the client the payment expectations.

Develop, communicate, and update the project schedule in all phases of the project. The PM is accountable for the viability and accuracy of the schedules developed.

Work with division to insure weekly and monthly assessments of project manpower requirements for each of the projects he/she is managing and the communication of these requirements to the COO and the human resources department.

Monitor and enforce AEG quality control standards. These standards shall be enforced consistently with AEG’s own staff and the staff of our subcontractors and vendors.
Recommend improvements to AEG’s procedures to COO

A high level of communication and organizational skill is required for this position. The ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively verbally, in written form and/or via computer means are absolutely essential skills.
Working knowledge of MS-Windows MS-Word, Excel, MS-Project and MS-Outlook are necessary to ensure smooth communications with the office and with clients. By using these tools Project Managers should be able to improve the accuracy of communications and expedite the sharing of information.

Responsible for direct supervision of the project staff on each of his/her projects.
Desired Skills & Experience

College degree preferred, PMP Certified Preferred
Minimum of 15 years of telecommunication construction experience with a minimum of 10 years as a project/construction manager with similar duties and responsibilities.
Must be able to read, interpret and extrapolate construction plans, drawings and specifications.
Ability to interrelate and communicate effectively with personnel at all levels of development activity.
Assertive / determined / detail - deadline oriented personality with the ability to anticipate problems and master details.
Must be able to analyze, comprehend and present complex information in various forms.
Must be able to perform various construction related activities including, but not limited to, lifting 50 lbs, sitting or standing for extended periods of time, driving a vehicle and physically negotiating a construction site.
Must possess good computer skills with working knowledge of MS-Windows MS-Word, Excel, MS-Project and MS-Outlook.
Previous experience building large city-wide infrastructure including Active Ethernet networks for FTTH.
Experience managing large projects with various resources including subcontractors, inhouse, local and out-of-state subs/employees.
Proven experience in managing multiple disciplines of construction activities including splicing, directional drilling, aerial construction, micro trench, etc.
Proven ability to recruit, develop and promote high quality talent
We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identify, national origin, protected veteran status or status as an individual with a disability


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