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General Manager

Full-time Employee




April 4


$75,000-$90,000 DOE

Job Description

Are you ready to lead a community focused cable co-op? Can you understand and communicate the capabilities of an evolving data communications world to the community? Do you take pride in your work and have proven leadership skills? Are you aware of the Oberlin area and ready to let your customer service skills shine?
If so, keep reading our job post!

*Please note: The deadline to apply for this job is February 18th. This is a two-step interview process where selected candidates will be invited for a second round interview with the Oberlin Cable Co-op search committee and can expect this to begin March 1st. Start date is anticipated to be April 4*.

Intro for Company
Oberlin Cable Co-op was started in 1986 to provide cable television service to the Oberlin community. The creation of the organization was led and funded by the community and the result was, and remains, a membership owned, and membership directed non-profit 501.C12 with a primary focus on cost-effective service to its community. In 1997 Oberlin Cable Co-op created to also provide Internet access to the community over its existing data infrastructure.
Today, Oberlin Cable Co-op services over 2400 residences and businesses and is the only comprehensive provider of Internet and CATV services in the City. OCC provides both CATV and Internet services over a single data infrastructure that utilizes both fiber-optic and coaxial cable modes of transmission. OCC maintains fiber-optic connectivity to the City’s business centers, the Industrial Park and maintains a dense concentration of fiber strands in a 5-mile loop around the City for ready access and deployment. Currently, residential access is provided using easy to service coaxial cable deployed in a sub-net architecture and running under DOCIS 3.1. Residential data services are currently offered at up to one gigabit per second download and 20 megabit per second upload speeds. Businesses have the option of fiber-optic connectivity to meet customized needs or plans that mirror residential connectivity for more modest needs. OCC currently maintains 30 Gigabit per second trunk capacity utilizing several carriers over differing physical paths. As of the summer of 2021, networking servers and software are in the process of being upgraded. With all this, OCC is a financially stable organization.
Here’s what the team has to say:
“In this Industry we always need to adapt. Don’t plan for now, plan for the future.”
-Devon W.
“We are community oriented, customer friendly, and a very personable team.”
-Wendy M.

Summary of Responsibilities
Working with, and under the general direction of, the Board of Trustees the General Manager is the chief administrator of the Oberlin Cable Co-op, and in that capacity leads the staff in meeting the strategic objectives and the regular service objectives of the organization. The General Manager is the first point of contact to, and with, the membership and the broader community. The General Manager maintains current awareness of all relevant professional and legal issues as well as developing technologies. Under an approved budget, the General Manager has the authority to assign duties to staff, evaluate staff performance, authorize expenditures and enter into contracts on behalf of the organization. The General Manager ensures that the Board of Trustees is properly informed of all pertinent matters that may require Board involvement.

Essential Functions

1. Board relationships: The GM
• Annually submits organizational strategic and operational plans for Board approval
• Submits assessment of ongoing strategic and operational activities
• Submits proposed budgets for Board approval
• Presents to the Board regular reports on the financial status of the organization
• Works with the Board to accomplish strategic or situational communications
• Attends to other matters as required by the organization’s Charter.
2. Administrative Responsibilities - staff:
• Assigns work to staff
• Evaluates the work of staff
• Trains staff
• Implements new or revised work processes
• Assesses staff job descriptions and proposes revisions to the Board for approval
• Recommends all hiring, disciplinary and termination matters to the Board.
3. Administrative Responsibilities - fiscal:
• Prepares annual draft budgets for Board approval
• Regularly reports on the execution of the budget during the year
• Acts as signatory authority for all expenditures under an approved budget
• Prepares all special capital funds requests for Board approval and, with appropriate Board officers, acts as signatory authority
• Acts, when necessary, as signatory authority for all new special contracts with members. GM has the authority to modify contracts when necessary to achieve strategic outcomes, with appropriate communication to the Board after the fact.
4. Administrative Responsibilities - general:
• Ensures compliance with all local, state and federal operational and reporting requirements
• Maintains good working relationships with appropriate civic, governmental, educational and community organizations
• Addresses and resolves membership concerns and complaints
• Maintains current awareness of all relevant professional and legal issues, as well as developing technologies
• Acts as the organization’s representative to all appropriate professional organizations
• Prepares reports as requested.
5. Other duties as required:
• Assists staff in basic duties to accomplish time-critical work.

Education, Experience, and Skills Required
• High School Diploma
• Covid-19 vaccination strongly recommended
• 5+ years experience in broadcast TV and/or cable TV and/or Internet
• 2+ years Management experience
• Experience creating and working within the constraints of an annual budget
• $75,000-$90,000 negotiable and commensurate with experience
• Medical
• Dental
• Vision
• Long-term disability
• Life insurance
• PTO 2 weeks vacation eligible after 1 year of employment
• 2 personal days/year
• 40 hours sick leave
• Education reimbursement
Personal characteristics needed to be successful in this role
• Transparent
• Open-minded
• Sense of humor
• Empathetic
• Family friendly
• Community oriented
• Multifaceted
• Strong Customer service
How to Apply
• Submit your resume including professional and community service experiences.
• Submit a cover letter briefly describing the ways in which you meet the minimum requirements; other experiences, skills and qualities that make you a good candidate for the position relative to the desired qualifications and a statement of why you would be a good fit for this position.
• A list of three individuals who can serve as references for you. Two should relate to your professional work and one to your community service. Please include name, title, address and contact information. Please note that no references will be contacted until we reach a final stage in our search. Candidates will be notified before we reach out to references.


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