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Aerial Telecommunication Linemen, Foremen, Crews

Full-time Employee






West Virginia


IBEW Union Scale for Telecommunication

Job Description

Job Duties/Responsibilities (Foreman)
• Review project plans, specifications installation instructions to ensure the project is built according to the approved design specifications
• Organizing the schedule for the job making sure the job stays on budget and on time
• Direct the activities of the crew, operator installer on the jobsite
• Conduct site safety assessments and identify all safety hazards on job site, participate in weekly safety meetings, properly fill out necessary documentation, record time for your crew, etc.
• Communicate with the Area Manager and /or VP of Telephone Division
• Ensure field maintenance on equipment is performed routinely
Qualifications/Experience (Foreman)
• Extensive aerial telephone experience required
• Ability to read engineering plans
• Underground inner-duct and cable placement experience a plus
• Must be proficient with paperwork and possess good communication skills
• Class A CDL preferred
• Ability to motivate crews through teamwork and solid communication skills
• Be able to climb poles and work from aerial buckets
• Must be able to work within time controls and troubleshoot issues
• Ability to travel for projects
• Experience operating heavy equipment
• Ability to properly lift up to 50 pounds.
Job Duties/Responsibilities (Lineman)
• Connects, rearranges, repairs, and maintains outside cable to supply and maintain good service
• Place aerial/buried telephone cable (copper and fiber)
• Work efficiently from a bucket truck
• Connects wires and cables to terminals and attaches/detaches various kinds of hardware to wires, cables, buildings, or poles
• Performs aerial tasks such as new cable installs, pole transfers, strand building, cable hanging, lashing, etc.
• Perform construction work such as digging holes, placing cable, air pipe and inner duct in various types of conduit systems and open excavations
• Climb utility poles and/or use aerial lift truck to place cables on poles per system design
• Ensures all installation work is done according to quality standards, always complying with proper safety standards/procedures and work practices according to OSHA
• Restore area to project requirements
• Understand field prints to determine what work is to be performed as well as point out potential issues before and during work
• Report project progress to the Foreman and relate the needs for the days to come avoiding delays of work due to lack of materials and equipment
• Work in, on and around customer’s property while following company policies and maintaining the highest level of professionalism towards any customer and their property
• Directly responsible for all vehicles and equipment in their control

Qualifications/Experience (Lineman)
• Be able to climb poles and work from aerial buckets
• Experience in telephone outside plant construction or related experience, which includes experience in the placement of telecommunications cable (copper and fiber)
• Valid Class A CDL preferred
• Ability to read and interpret construction prints, plans, and specifications
• Ability to travel for projects
• Experience operating heavy equipment
• Ability to properly lift up to 50 pounds


Amy Tevis


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About Us

TPC prides itself on staying current with what the utility industry needs which is why we now have divisions: Power, Fiber, Wireless, Underground, and Design & Drafting. One of the best things about TPC is that our divisions can work separately or as a team, bringing multiple divisions onboard, to complete a project safely and efficiently.

The Power Division is one of the original divisions that started TPC! This division specializes in high voltage power construction and repair projects, including but not limited to distribution, transmission, substation, emergency restoration, ADSS (power space), and smart grid technology installation.

The Fiber Division is another original division of TPC, previously known as the Telecommunications Division but as the industry evolved, so has this division! The Fiber Division specializes in aerial fiber construction, maintenance, two-pole clean-up, and oversees all splicing work associated with fiber projects among many other capabilities.

The Wireless Division provides turnkey solutions for the deployment of infrastructure including but not limited to, full-suite construction services, smart cities, small cells, EV charging stations, testing and integration, and much more.

The Underground Division is now its own division, but TPC has a long history of completing underground placement projects for the Power, Fiber, and Wireless Divisions. Our capabilities include but are not limited to horizontal directional drilling, trenching, and rural broadband construction.

The Design & Drafting Division specializes in fiber plan & profile design and small cell design, as well as permitting.

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