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All services cable/fiber construction inhouse/ Sub

Full-time Employee


Kansas City Mo and surrounding area St Louis Mo and surrounding areas


hourly, production and rate cards for sub-contractors, Top of the line Blue/cross/blue shield, paid vacations, and 401k for inhouse employees. on time payments at 30day net for subs as a direct deposit


Background and Drug screening, we are looking for experienced applicants for multiple job tasks please upload your resume and/or an e-mail describing your work history and qualifications.

Job Description

CAT5 is seeking experienced field coordinators, direction drill operators, locators, ground hands, cable/fiber pullers, coaxial/fiber splicers, and lineman. We are accepting resumes and applicants for both sub-contractors and in-house employees.

CAT5 has been ASKED by multiple national cable and telephone companies to consider and explore new opportunities in multiple locations in and around Kansas City and St Louis.

CAT5 is seeking qualified personnel in all areas of cable and telephone construction. We are looking for dedicated, honest, hardworking individual employees and sub-contractors. We seek only the best in the field, which is why we are only accepting applicants with verifiable work history.

CAT5 has noticed an uptick in recent ads on the Cable Bar, Indeed and others form of advertisements seeking to hire new personnel in some of these same areas. Each such company seeking new hires have their own set of standards, hiring practices and qualifications. Eventually each new hire/sub-contractor finds out how they are ultimately treated.

I can only speak for CAT5. If you would like to know more about CAT5, its leadership and how employees and sub-contractors are treated at CAT5, please respond to this ad. You are ultimately the one who should know who is hiring you! We know who we are, you should want to know too! It is your future, and your reputation as well as ours!

CAT5 takes pride on how we treat our employees and subcontractors, not only on the financial side but as an individual or as a sub-contractor. The owner and its management staff believe that the success of our company start with a happy and motivated employees and sub-contractors.

All applicants/resumes and questions will be reviewed and then ultimately sent to the owner for review. CAT5’s owner has been in the cable television construction business as an owner for over four decades. This expansion and interview process will have his hands on participation.

If you think you have the experience, knowledge, and work ethic we welcome you to apply for consideration for employment as a sub-contractor or an in-house employee.

In-house employees will have TOP of the line blue/cross/blue shield, vision and dental, paid vacation, and a 401k. In-house employees will also have ALL new equipment, drill, locators, vacs, mini’s, support equipment and vehicles. Sub-contractors can rest assured to be paid on time with direct deposits and all will benefit with a qualified management team.

No phone numbers will be given out at this time as we are looking for resumes, questions and background information. Our selections affect ALL and we want to make good decisions for your future and ours. We look forward to your responses, please see e-mail below.


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