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MDU Contractor for Cox Prime

Independent Contractor


New Orleans and surrounding areas thru 4 parishes




Rate Card that covers all the odds and ins.


We are looking for a qualified contractor team that can install coaxal or fiber lines in commercial buildings with multiple floors and new/upgraded hotels/apartment buildings.

Other Requirements

Insurance and all other documents must be provided before work can start.

Job Description

Job is in New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans area. The work will include install new coaxal/fiber drops into apartment complex's and high rises downtown. The work load is behind with more MDU jobs coming in everyday. Alot of the work will be in muilt floor buildings that will take a several man team to complete efficiently. There is no MDU contractor in the area at this time and there's more work then you can do and its not going to slow down. 2022 we are expecting a doubled work load then previous years.


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