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MDU Inside Wiring - Drop and Splice Technician

Independent Contractor


Dane County area


January 2022


Dependent on experience. Unit based pricing. Volume dependent on your abilities to complete jobs with quality and efficiency.


Must be able to route and splice single-mode fiber and test insertion loss. Good customer service skills and the ability to problem-solve when retrofitting buildings with fiber optic cabling are required. A crew of 2 or 3 is desired. Will provide training on specifics.

Other Requirements

Work will be in apartment buildings, assisted living homes, and commercial business properties. You must provide your own tools, equipment, transportation, and lodging.

Job Description

-Complete scheduled jobs every day
-Number / label each fiber-jacket
-Bring fiber from the outside of the building / demarcation point to each interior unit
-Drill holes, use a saw/ utility knife, add a cut-out box, and wall-plate
-Cut, clean and splice/terminate end/ ends
-test fiber for insertion loss
-Make sure everything is sealed, cleaned up, lights turned off, doors locked, etc.


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