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Contractor: Corp-to-Corp






Standard pay is 30 days, quick pay option 14 days (please contact) Please check job description for pricing.


Contractors must have own truck, tools, and equipment in order to complete all aspects of Aerial Construction. Need cable placement trucks, ie T40, T45, posi plus etc

Other Requirements

General Liability Insurance/ Workers Compensation Policy

Job Description

Prime contractor with over one year of new build fiber in Tallahassee, Florida. Must Be able to complete all aspects of aerial construction, including but not limited to: Anchors, Transfers, Strand, Fiber, Bonds, Payable line items include, but not limited to: strand, fiber, anchors, down guys, overlashing, make ready transfers, bonding, etc.

Bottom package and drive off
99% of poles are accessible from a bucket

Optimal crew size is 4 people per crew with a bucket truck and pickup truck. Crews will be responsible for providing and documenting traffic control as needed.

Estimated completion date August 2022

Current crews completing 3000-7000 ft per day

Please contact us to find out about our partner program, enhanced rates good through 12/31/21.

Place 6M strand $0.50
Lash Fiber Under 432ct $0.75
Lash Fiber 432ct $0.85
Place Down Guy for 6M strand (includes Guy Guard) $11.28
Place Screw Anchor – 6000 lbs $40.00
Place Guy Guard (Included in Down Guy) $0.00
Place up to a 4 in. Riser Guard $18.80
Place Aerial Dielectric Self-Supporting cable $0.00
Place Cable extension Arm Long $28.20
Place Cable extension Arm Short / Sidewalk guy arm $23.50
Tree Trimming Per Span $28.20
Resag cable $32.90
Delash/relash $0.55
Dead end Pole Transfer $50.00
Straight thru Pole Transfer $40.00
Bonding aerial strand $2.00
Place aerial slack loop coil $25.00
Figure 8 cable for Underground Dip in Aerial Route under 144 fiber $25.00
Figure 8 cable for Underground Dip in Aerial Route Over 144 fiber $50.00
Lash additional cables on new strand $0.14
Traffic control personnel $30.00
Pull up to 144ct armored cable/All sizes micro cable in duct $0.33
Place Armored Fiber in Duct - 288 -432 count $0.60


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