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In-house lineman and subs needed

Independent Contractor


Alvarado to Graham




Footage plus units


If your a lineman you know the qualifications.

Other Requirements

Must be reliable. No meth heads

Job Description

We have 12k miles of strand and fiber. 90% accessible .This is a COOP project so the majority of the work is outside city limits going through small towns. We furnish the bucket and trailer. You furnish your own tools and work ethic. Turn in your billing on Monday and get pd on FRIDAY. All materials on hand and our checks are always good. We are laid back hardworking country boys that work hard so we can play hard. Everyone of our lineman make 6 figures a year. But they work at least 5 days a week and take pride in their work. You can work 7 days if you choose. If you are a good hand this will be a home for many years to come.we are the prime . Subs are welcome as well. At least 6 years of nonstop work.


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