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Broadband Installers

Full-time Employee








Abilene, Atchison, Ft. Riley, Ottawa


Central City



South Carolina

Clemson, Seneca, Greenwood




Decatur, Marble Falls, Stephenville


Moses Lake


Douglas, Torrington



Job Description

The Broadband Representative/Associate/Specialist performs routine installations, disconnects, prewires,
change of service, and multiple dwelling unit (MDU) wiring for video, voice, and date of residential
and commercial customers. Ability to troubleshoot from the tap to the customer premise equipment in
order to repair and/or restore all subscribed services.

Provide customer education on all products, equipment, and services. Provide exceptional service and
first call resolution to service issues. Able to identify other services and products needed by the customer
and provide real time upgrades, sales and upgrades will be a job requirement. Flexibility of hours worked
and overtime required for a 24/7 operation. Work is indoor and outdoor in all weather conditions.
Job Responsibilities (May perform any or all of the following duties of the Broadband

Performs customer drop installations, reconnects, disconnects, additional outlets, and service upgrades / downgrades from the tap to the customer’s equipment in single premises and MDUs, following safe work practices, Vyve Broadband installation practices, NEC and NESC requirements, and local ordinances, in order to provide video, voice, and data products.

Survey the installation route and reviews proposed route with the customer in order to obtain agreement on the location of cable outlet(s)

Review all requested services with the customer in order to ensure understanding and accuracy of the order.

Cleans, maintains and stocks vehicle and equipment in order to be prepared to perform required duties

Inspect existing bond or make new bond in according with the National Electrical Code (NEC) in order to protect employees, customers, and equipment from electrical shock or damage

Ensure proper clearance of all drops in accidence with the National Electric Safety Code (NESC)

Installation & certification of all customers premise video and data lines that entail climbing poles, ladders, crawl spaces, attics and other assigned heights

Reconcile customer payments and equipment that include cable box, modems, local power supply unit and network face Internet unit

Review maps to route job orders in an efficient and timely manner

Attend all required technical, safety and team meetings

Thorough knowledge of cable and internet products, programming choices and prices.

Complete associated paperwork with each work order in a timely manner in order to ensure all details of the work are recorded for entry in the customer’s account when work is checked in.

Properly operate and maintain installation tools and equipment.

Report vehicle repair or service when required and/or prescribed

Advise supervisor immediately of any accidents, losses, injuries or property damage

Install Internet service to include Network Interface Card or USB adapter, perform full Internet and RF installations

Provide customers with product and service information

Sell complete packages, upgrades services and saves customers from downgrading or disconnecting

Work frequently includes excessive noise, fumes, dusts, gases, chemicals and requires lifting up to 70 lbs.

Perform other duties as needed to meet customer expectations

Minimum Requirements
? High School Diploma or equivalent.
? Six months to one-year experience preferred.
? Valid driver’s license and satisfactory driving record.
? Skilled in communicating with customers in a clear, customer-focused and understood manner.
? Knowledge of basic mathematics.
? Ability to work independently or with a group.
? Ability to prioritize and organize work and materials effectively.
? Requires punctual, regular and consistent attendance.
? Ability to work mandatory overtime and a flex schedule for on-call duties.
? Customer service and technical skills orientation required.
? Ability to perform job from high places (on poles, roofs, towers).


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