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$1000 SIGN ON BONUS!!Locators/ Operators!

Full-time Employee


INDIANPOLIS and surrounding areas


SCHEDULE YOUR INTERVIEW FOR THIS COMING WEEK TODAY!!!!!!!! Come to your interview with your lunch packed, a voided check (direct deposit), a positive attitude, and dressed for work.


****TOP PAY**** $1K Sign on bonus (paid after 90 days in lump sum) We can offer multitude of pay options!! *Salary- Piece Rate- Hourly- Contractor- Hybrid of these- Bitcoin- Unobtainium- I will harvest souls of the innocent if that's what it takes!!!


CDL a major plus. Experience with Directional drills, Excavators, machinery of any type, shovels, and all other tools of the trade are probably necessary, but I will take eager, willing, and a high degree of common sense (hopefully we still have that in the industry), teach them how to be a boar good, and show them the path to being a THOUSANDAIRE!!! Those inexperienced, We are ready to invest in your future, through training for you inexperienced candidates!!

Other Requirements

Must be willing and able to travel for 1-2 weeks out of town. We pay hotel and meals. Have reliable transportation, a CAN-DO attitude, and a TEAM PLAYER. Ability to obtain CDL. A well rounded individual, with room for growth, and an ability to perform on the job, as well as they say they can. You don't have to be the best at everything or anything, but being consistent, and doing well at everything is what we're looking for. B+ across the board is much better than one A+, 3 D's and 2 F's.

Job Description

The placement of underground utilities, via Directional Drill, excavator, plow, ETC. This is to include Cable/conduit for communications, water/sewer lines, hand holes, meter pits, grinder pits, fuel blend systems, and any other of the plethora of anything people want buried, (although not officially endorsed, nor frowned upon; daughter's boyfriend and crazy ex seems to be highly requested, we are not in that line
of business.... yet). Must be able to think on your feet, follow directions, and follow safety guidelines. Must be able to conduct yourself in a professional manner, as in many cases you may be in close proximity of customers. Perform routine maintenance DAILY on issued equipment, i.e. greasing all required points, checking fluids DAILY Small mechanical repairs, replacing wear items, etc. Communicate efficiently all progress and necessities, Dig safely on utilities, and all other aspects of being on a utility construction crew.


A: Call me directly @ 3177532117
B: Email me,
C: Or if you still roll old school or trying to avoid government detection, you can snail mail us @ 275 Medical Dr #1216, Carmel, IN 46082. ***Please allow 2-3 weeks for response with option C.
D: Call our Project Manager Corey Smith Cell: 3179878338 Email:
I advise against carrier pigeon, telegraph, and smoke signals, but if you can get it to us, we will respond.

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About Us

We are a small company, with a focus on family values, and good business practices. We have the work, good equipment, and the right tooling to accomplish any task. What we lack, is the most important aspect of any small business, the lifeblood, Manpower. Quality individuals, that are ready to make the move that could help you to stand out, and get to the next level in your career. Being small means it's hard to get lost in the mix, you have more direct access to owner and managers, and fewer turkeys to keep you from soaring with eagles.

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