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Fiber (FIOS) I&R Installers

Independent Contractor


DFW/Houston (League City)/Dickinson/San Angelo




$1300.00 to $2800.00 Per Week depending on skill set & production. No Material Cost, No Charge Backs, 21 Net No Retainer/Direct Deposit Paid Weekly


Experience Installing Cable TV, Direct TV, Dish, Fiber I&R, Telco experience, CATV, Coax, fiber drops, ONT and routers.

Other Requirements

Truck/Van/SUV with ladder rack and 28" ladder, Must have light meter and visual fault locator, Android device, Must have valid Driver’s License, registration, and necessary Certificate of Liability (including Auto, General, Umbrella, and Workers Comp Liability Insurances)

Job Description

Install & repair service at customer's premises that includes Internet, & Telephone, service(s). Install, replace, rearrange fiber jumpers and outside/inside wiring. Make various attachments to poles and buildings. Mounting of an ONT, power supply and battery backup. Includes the installation of internet hubs, routers. Work may require climbing poles and/or ladders, crawling under dwellings & in attics underground activities and fishing walls. Installing Coax and CAT5 wiring.
• Customer Service skills
• Knowledge of Coax cable sizes and types.
• Experience with toner, & Butt set
• Experience safe ladder climbing
• Experience routers, home networking.
• Understanding of loss, attenuation, and tiling.
• Working within attics and crawl spaces.
• Computer skills


Text/Call Kurt 562-445-6636/Text/Call Troy 817-403-5056

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About Us

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