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Re: Strand

There is a lot more than "jist of it".   If you don't build it right the first time, you may be responsible to rebuild it correctly on your dime a second time.  Most contracts state that you will follow certain "Named" specifications. The National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) is usually the first one listed and must be followed to maintain clearances from energized lines, grounded structures, risers, midspan, road crossings, Rail Road crossings, tension, etc.  Also RUS 515c is a document that is most often used by engineering firms to for aerial specifications.  Although this is what i believe to be the most recent version (September 2001).  RUS is still specifying the use of 3 bolt clamps for deadends.  However common practice since the 1970s has been to use deadend preforms.   The NESC is available on line or in book stores.  Believe it or not you may obtain RUS515c for free, by going to the USDA website:  If you need further assistance let me know.

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