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Hey Richard.....

Richard Goldeck I guess you still own this place .When I logged on and looked at the titles of the forums I said cornfield hummn .I grew up in the middle of fields on the farm . If you still own this place I'd like to congratulate you on your percerverance in being here .I know you have been here since 1996 because that's when I joined the site. I will say this has always been one of the best tools in my bag . I will always remember wet cement and another time  I told everbody the USG was here and everyone thought I was wrong and told me I had lost it and then the Government Ad Council bought up every add on the site .I knew they were here . I learned another thing .I know this one will probably make you laugh . Don't try to tell George Bush his job , Especially constantly on a public forum with your vast membership .Id I like to take you and your family out to dinner .Id I like to here some stories from the horses mouth about your side of the fence . My wild days are past me now .8 years stuck here in NC kinda slowed my actually probably made me meaner if that's possible . I will still won't put up with no excuses from contractors , and will never have an employee . I've been through hell and back . Going back into cable so I can spend some money with you on adds on this .Site .  If Richard has sold this site I would like to know I need to contact and apologise for my insabordination . It's your/his site , my craziness just helped sell tickets to a ballgame .The old dogs happy the site is still here .Again Richard if your still the owner , Congratulations .If you want to take a fishing trip to Costa Rica Duck has the hook up.That goes for any Dog / Dawgs that read this......Thanks for reading " WHITFIELD" The One and Only BigDuck

Live Like Your Dieing , If You Can't Run with the BigDogs Stay on the Porch . Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today .Tomorrow May Never Come.Be Honest That Will Earn You Respect . You Get Paid to do It Once not Twice .
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