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Re: In house vs 1099

If you have someone that is willing to pay you units and be an in-house employee is the best of both worlds. You can get out there and bust ass and make some big checks BUT when work is slow you will have the low ones. Everyone remembers all of the $2000-$3000 weeks but they never tell you about the $50-$200 weeks they have. Find out their yearly gross before you judge anyone's pay! We offer our guys a couple of choices and some get production bonuses if they hit certain benchmarks and others are on units while some just want the hourly. It all depends on what makes those folks happy about what they are making. Either way they get their taxes paid and their benefits and are in-house.

Do your due diligence before just jumping in head first. Remember that when you are a 1099 sub that all of the companies that you will work for will keep their in-house employee's working when they tell their 1099's there's no work today as well! When you're just a SUB they don't care if you work as much because you are "A SUB" now. 

Just be careful!

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