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Re: Dycom 30 day pay update

Look....Once the prime contractor takes out his get what is left:  They don't give a damn about you making a profit, the longer it takes to pay you, the longer their can work on your $$$ bucks, not theirs.  There is no reason to wait 60 days, hell if you can do that, you should be the Prime, not the sub.   My guess is that they have to wait 45 days for their invoice to be paid, so if your waiting 60...that extra 15 days of interest on your bucks...goes into their pocket.  Based on the profits they should be paid on a bi weekly basis.   Good Luck with it but I'd be walking:  MicroMan


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Re: Dycom 30 day pay update patriotspl 4/27/2020 5:18:09 PM