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John McGilligan, Field Engineer passed on 4-7

John McGilligan, 72, of Southfield, Michigan passed away on 4-7-2020 with his wife Jill by his side.  John had been struggling with heart problems for many years and went to the hospital around the end of March with possible covid-19 symptoms.  He was a devout Christian and a proud Veteran, a husband, father and grandfather, and a native of Wisconsin.

I had the good fortune and pleasure of meeting John in 1994 when he applied for a job with a company I managed, Pegasus Enterprises, doing field engineering for CCI on the Ameritech project in the Detroit and Chicago suburbs.  John was a very intelligent, diligent and good natured man and he learned the craft easily and enjoyed the work.  We became fast friends and remained close over all these years.

John worked with me on many projects over the years until taking a job with Sigma Tech in 2007 where he continued on in the industry till his passing.

John was a great conversationalist and always had interesting thoughts and stories to share and usually a good word of encouragement or admonition.

It is no exaggeration to say that John was one of the most righteous and honorable men I've ever had the honor and privilege to know, and I'm truly sorry I wasn't able to spend more time with him in recent years.

He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.  

Information about the funeral arrangements are copies below.

Full picture & obituary now on website:
Memories and candles can now be updated on:


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