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Re: Hand sanitizer

Wife and I are both very high risk. Advice from doc is stay inside but if going out then hand washing is most effective. Using sanitizer or alcohol is hoping to kill the virus, but soap kills it just as effectively and also physically removes it.

I got a little bottle of liquid hand soap with the pump on top, but regular dish soap can work too. I have a spray bottle with regular water in it. I just wet my hands and soap up for 20 secs then spray a rinse and wipe with paper towel. Don't bother with antibacterial soap or other bs crap it doesn't work on viruses anyway.

If only sanitizer or alcohol is available it has to be rubbed into the hands then be allowed to evaporate naturally to work. Don't just dab on then wipe off.

Even with these crazy measures, everyone shut inside and sanitizing everything in sight, this thing is still killing 2000 people a day in the US. The regular flu has never come near that rate. Take it seriously.

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