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Re: 25-30$ per drop in Georgia?

I m telling you this as a man did these drops for a while when I was tired of travelling around the usa and wanted to be hone for a while,one point prices were decent and they start going down the hill after 2018

Here is the deal in ga

1,if u are in atlanta or surrounding areas u gonna deal with clay ,and when u have drought here in ga it is rock. even the jobs I could plow I wasnt able to keep blade underground,and was going thru a blade after blade even with after hard surfacing them

2.depends in the area if you are in buckhead ,sandyspring ,dunwoody ,most of these jobs were over 200 ft but wasnt able to plow them due to 1. so many private underground lines,gates , security cameras ,outdoor lighting 3 inch irrigation lines,shallow main water lines on and on,2.own a locater even buries are 6 inch,i remember I had few jobs i could nt trench by hand due to length and hard soil,so I spent hrs locating all to find out when cx showed up didnt allow me to have my plow in the yard because he was afraid machine might messed up the yard 3.most jobs in certain areas had private gates with either wrong number on work order or they just wont answer after voicemail after voice mail but that didnt stop the prime contractor to stop calling me asking about it ! 4.was driving all over to find a warehouse that had wire so I could work!5.too many nice yards ,I was carrying sod and seed and fertilizer in my truck all the time for restoration,when i plow i was pulling rocks underground and cx was complaining so i was filling with dirt and seeding it because this type of dirt when rock comes out it wont sit back in the same spot.6.did bit of concerete cutting due to service pole being in the middle of sidewalk or tech just put a box wherever he feels like since fiber doesnt require grounding ,they dont put them by by power anymore what ever is the easiest for them and u have to bury to that point .7. constant pressure of burrying the temp from prime even though almost any case they had left me enough wire to do the drop without stretching the wire!8.this was very well though out pricing ,jobs were paying one price up to 150ft then small increase then another increase after 250 ft ,I barely have any under 100 ft job and some reason they were always right at 140 to 150 and if there were long they were right under 250 ,so u are doing 1000 ft a day just to find out u did 5 jobs and drove 150 miles !! I moved on even atlanta is home !that dirt in drought was just destroying my plow and it was not paying no where enough to keep up with it!last thing lots of case I had to missile the driveway couldnt use the rods on the plow due to no room to set up the plow,so another expen

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