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Re: Fusion splicer

Price is too close, to not  buy the fuji, atleast to me. 12k vs 14k not really much difference.  Fuji has been making ribbon machines a long time, they are time proven.  Innos will be in time.  I like Innos, And thru the splicing/testing on a job I helped a buddy do with (432s)  a fuji 60s did no better than the 2 inno ifs 10s on quality.   This comment is sure to set some people off, but IDC. You could always buy a used  fuji ribbon machine, Ive been told the fuji 50r, 60r, and 70r are all good solid machines

, Id like to have a view 7 they are bad asz, but so are the fujis. And the price I've seen they are too close, not to buy a fuji.   Innos must be ok,  I saw one in a at&t  technicians van last in SC .  good  luck.

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