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Re: Dycom 30 day pay update

I will never understand why people work for such low rates.  How many times do people complain on here that they cannot make a living at a certain rate?  Well, then don't do the work.  Find some other work or another line of work completely. 

I am not dismissing what you said about Dycom.  I am not a big fan either. 

I have taken the stance lately that if someone wants to work for peanuts, fine.  They will not be in business long enough to make a real difference to me.  And usually, the work that they do for peanuts becomes crap work.  Work that I get paid to fix later at a better rate.  I guess, it is a vicious cycle, I just try to stay on the profitable side of things.

As far as the virus goes, there are going to be plenty of people hurting after this ends.  Good luck to you all.  See you on the other side.

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