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Re: UG Ky Prime

This has nothing to do with Coronavirus...they are just taking the opportunity to hold your pay checks, while they draw interest off your money is still in the bank.  MicroMan saying here: Warning, the bigger the company you work for...the longer you will wait.  Now considering the low rates they pay should be paid per WEEK...not MONTH.   I've had contracts paying 45 days and one 60 days..they 60 day one even wanted me to wait 90 days...I threatened to walk....settled for 60 day, if you ever do such, just be sure your getting top dollar for your work efforts and the fact that your financing the job.   This is how companies get big...they advantage of the little guys....and there will always be the little guy in this trade.   Keep safe out there, don't let the bug get you down !

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