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Re: What's the deal with the South?

Yep, guys are working in-house making $18 an hour, with years of experience under their belt no less, doing installs, outages, and splicing fiber?! No overtime?! 

Super subs basically go grab the contract in an area, have a few ditch witch's and missiles, and then hire "subcontract/employees" to do the work. It's a just some middle man driving the overall price down for drop buries, by pandering to the primes. The sub's have their own truck and tools, and use the super sub's machines for bores. 

If you have your own machine, the price would go up in theory, but the prime only deals with the super sub?! He's practically an in-house supervisor.

That's why you see very few posting for work in the South here. They're grabbing kids who are largely unaware of what they're worth, and telling them that it's great money to basically make $750-$1000 a week killing themselves in the Florida/Georgia heat?! 

The install guys don't make anything either?! They quit and change companies regularly?! One such company is starting guys off at $12 and some change in-house?! 

Most of us drop bury guys have left to go work in other states, or packed up our tools entirely. Traveling as far away as Oklahoma, Illinois, NC, Alabama, etc. for work. Then they just go grab more unaware kids looking to get into the industry, and the price seems to go down every time?! 



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