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Re: Plow/trench prices

Just so you know: Back in 1981...39YRS ago, I did a fiber run from Pittsburgh PA to Baltimore Md along the Railroad Right of Way, then I did from Savannah Ga to Jacksonville Fl again along the RRX ROW.  I was getting $3.00 compose ft for underground or aerial.  The project was mostly UG however some was not accessible so we went aerial placing fiber under the Western Union x arms.  Splicing rate was $165 each,,every 20,000 ft, with documentation.      On average the crews did 18,000 per day with one splice location.  Most of the time it was plowed, with pre ripping up ahead. the only thing that slowed us was when we had to bore under the railroad to get to the aerial portion. All crews had RR signal man...when Amtrak was coming thru, we had to remove all equipment/crews back 30 ft from the rails.  So as you can see...pricing has come """WAY"""down since those days.  I seen days we would get 25,000 plowing.  Of course this was in the early days of Fiber ...1981 long hauls point to point for MCI

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