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Re: Plow/trench prices

I would say any where between $10.00 to $500.00 per foot. That’s as close as I can get without you doing your do diligence. 

IMHO if you have to ask this question, you are not ready to be a contractor. Once again, figure you costs (ALL OF THEM) add in your profit margin. That will be your price. Just to help you along, your cost should include but not limited to: wages (including support staff),  payroll taxes, GL, WC, SUTA, FUTA, interest, income taxes, CPA, legal services, fuel & oil, hotel, meals, equipment depreciation, computers & software, phone, electric, HVAC, office supplies, equipment repair, down time, license fees, and the list goes on...........

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Re: Plow/trench prices jrphillips 3/12/2020 1:40:35 PM