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Re: Why so many help wanted postings

Although I agree to a point, there is a certain amount of Responsibility on the " Technician " for why the industry is the way it is. I have been doing this for 30 years, 25 years ago Techs were full of Pride, Pride in their work, Pride to be called a problem solver / Tech... The brunt of the fault lies on the MSO's and Primes for sure, But never the less Job posting are because there are to many " Greatest techs out there " who really are shit!!! Hook and Books, I know everything Bullshit!  Guys dont even wear tool belts anymore. This is shit for alot of reasons but i tell my guys take pride in what you do, When you are the best, you wont have QC up your ass,  Metrics are solid and so on.  that is the way to gaurantee your future. This business is always hiring not just because the pay isnt what it use to be, but because the techs are not techs. 

Joseph Catanzano
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