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Re: Why so many help wanted postings

Thank you!!! @MicroMan the last rates k saw posted up front, is the guy I'm currently doing work for right now! The guys that don't post rates, wanna get you in their office first so you don't have time to do the math?! 

@Also what Ortizcable said 100% The South is terrible?! Full of charlatans trying to piss on your head, and tell you it's raining! 

Every time I hear the words "loyalty" and "Family" come out of one of their mouths, I cringe?! 

They think we love sweating our asses off in the sun so much, that we don't care about the rates?! 

The best way to find good honest help, is to start with honesty! Just say the rates you can afford to pay, what the job is in detail, and let the chips fall where they may!

Guys want to work! I know I do! Want to work and learn, so I can be more proficient! But not for free I don't! 

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