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Zito Media - Not Paying

Even though you may be the prime for Zito Media does not mean you'll get paid. Zito Media is building throughout the Country attempting to bandaid old systems and paying low rates i.e. 3.50 to 6.00ft for bore then they dont pay you as if the low rate isnt bad enough. 


Zito has over 200 complaints with the FCC in which those complaints are rising by the day. OSHA has just fined Zito for forcing their employees to work without proper PPE and fall protection. Certain franchise tags have been void and power companies are starting to gather judgements to remove Zito from JUAs. If you find yourself working for Zito I highly recommend doing your research and never take an email good enough to guarantee payment.  Zito has gone rogue with contractors by using them and then off to the next victim. You're replaceable in their eyes.

Hint: Zito is just a spin off of Adelphia 

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