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Re: 811 UG 50 state digging laws

Honestly, we call once or twice after the initial call. if they don't show and we hit them, I sue them for lost time. I've done this several times, even counter lawsuit at a storage facility that tried to sue me first, LOL. I don't play with no shows and everyone around here knows it. on a marathon competition job myself and a helper were doing 5 to 11 bust anchors a day (in the rocky foothills. Everyone else was doing 2 and taking weekends off) and tried that for 30 days. We had PG&E yell that they have other things to do besides locate for Peak To Valley after I cut several of their "guesses because they were behind.  Blew that job away, and left the other contractors in the dust!! LOL 

Live to fight another day.
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