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Other trades .com???

TL;DR: Is there a .com for other trades? Thanks! 

This site is.... Well... It is.... 

Was just wondering if any of you knew if there were sites like this one for brick masonry, welding/fitting, electrical, etc.? 

I learned about this one via word of mouth. I've gotten some decent work, and even better info! 

Work is work, and I'm a jack of all trades type! I learn quick, and I'll out work anyone! I just don't wanna do it for next to free anymore! It seems like this industry, and likely a lot of others, is leaning toward this "contract employee" (Employee who gets told he's a contractor, and provides all of his own equipment for employee pay, with no benefits) BS?! 

So I'd like to diversify my work load, and keep myself moving freely! I like dealing directly with the guy(s) I'm doing work for! Not this middle man of the middle man BS?! Too many guys that aren't turning wrenches or contributing in a positive in the payroll! 

I like a challenge, but I can't be having fun while my funds run dry?! I shouldn't be spending half the week stressing about operational cost, while the companies insulate themselves from cost with the word "contractors"... 

Thanks, good luck, and happy hunting! 



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