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Re: 25-30$ per drop in Georgia?

That price is good if all your drops are less than 30 ft.   You should get at least 1.00/ft for plow and 3.00/ft for driveway bores.   They must be a sub of a sub..   Think about it.  If you take time to call in locates, Haul your machine around to, let's say 8 locations a day that have say 80-100 ft drops.  working 1.5 hours per drop with travel time.  12 hr day plus locate calls for 2 more hrs. at their rate that's 240.00 a day.  Divide that by 14 hours  =  17.00 an hour and you pay all your expenses. Tell them to get real!!   Find out who the prime is and go to them.   Been there and went broke. 


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