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Re: Dems are disgusting

I agree there all crocks GOP or DEM"S. I like some of the ideas both have but not all of one or both. What I hate the most is this rabid name calling on both sides. Grow f***ing up. If you can't have a reasonable conversation  [both sides] screaming and name calling will be a waist of time. I believe our America and our constitution can with stand any assault from either party.  We need a third party that looks out for the average American but that will not happen unless we get money out of elections . If you want to be a member of the house , senate or prez. you have to suck a lot of d*cks and that is not how it should be. I don't have all the answers but if you have an idea spit it out and talk about it like grown up's and forget name calling and screaming [both sides] if you don't just keep it to your self. I don't believe either party wants to "destroy America  as we know it" and could not if they tried unless they change the second amendment and if they do I will stand beside you with mine and rebel or die trying !       

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