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Re: Zito Media

My company once had a contract with a Major Bell/phone company to "Under Building" a large Metro  Warner Cable System.   Did you hear me....Under Built, hell a few steps and you were right under phone/cable making new was a piece of cake built.  However..they provided prints,material,permits, hell you would of thought they already had this Crap seeing how most were their Tel poles.  Any way they would deliver all material on skid, with a bar code list of what you were suppose to get.  Material was always short, prints was by street not nodes or phase...It really sucked, there was no way in hell you could make a profit.  I eventually told them to either let me order material, let my field guys do the prints, let me get them a design company...they wanted to handle it I walked, defaulted on my contract due to poor management on their part.   A Under Build....just had to stay 18 over roads

MicroMan….a few yrs later...they sold the cable portion  to "WOW" Cable

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